Why Smart Entrepreneurs Are Opting For Video Marketing

With the speedy increase of video usage as a marketing tool, video marketing has indeed come to stay. It has been embraced by entrepreneurs as the new dimension of marketing; 87% of online marketers are already incorporating videos into content marketing, showing that only 13% are losing out on awesome unique features of video marketing.

According to wordstream, Youtube has over a billion users almost one-third of the total internet users which is a clear pointer that people are subscribing to watching videos than reading about products.

Video marketing is adding videos to your market campaigns, while promoting your product, service and company. In recent times you get to not only read customers’ testimonials but also watch them as they share their experiences about products and services.

Here are five reasons smart entrepreneurs are opting for video marketing.

  1. Video marketing increases sales

Video marketing is going down well with entrepreneurs because of the positive influence it has on sales. Many of us would have bought a product or subscribed to a service if it had been explained better using a video. We ended up not buying because some information was missing. Video often explains way more; clearing even our deepest doubts.

Videos being incorporated into your website as an entrepreneur, means you are not just flowing with the crowd but creating a platform for your customers and potential customers to get the full details about products, services and company.

Videos create stronger impression in the minds of customers/clients since vision dominates the other senses. Watching how a product works convinces you more than reading or hearing about it. Recent researches have shown that 74% of people who watch video of how a product is used end up purchasing them.

Video marketing has a more potent effect than ordinary content marketing does.

  1. People trust what they watch

To a large number of internet users, seeing equals believing. Nowadays, people don’t just believe what they read on the internet most especially when it can be proven; matched up with actions. The feeling of watching people testify about a product  boots trust.

Nobody wants to be a victim that’s why 57% of people who make online purchases were confident to do so based on the videos they watched. Video marketing helps in instilling confidence of a product /service in customers making them trust your brand than they normally should.

59% of companies’ decisions about a product were made as a result of videos watched. Customers connect more with videos which builds trust.

  1. Mobile users love videos

80% of internet users own a smartphone; who consumes half of all videos. This stat shows why video marketing is being adopted by entrepreneurs. Smartphones are the fastest means people get to know more about products and services.

Mobile users don’t just watch videos, but help in making the videos go viral. Up to 92% of viewers tend to share a video after watching it. Youtube reports that the percentage of video consumption increases by 100% annually. With a mobile phone, you get to watch anything at when convenient..

  1. Videos appeals more to Google

Videos glue people to a website. They attract people to a site and make them stay longer than they typically do. Signifying to Google that the site has something good to offer and this increases its Google ranking.

Sites that have videos are  53 times more likely to show up first on Google if it has a video added to it, according to moovly.

Smart entrepreneurs make quality videos alongside interesting topics to give better descriptions of their product/services.

  1. Videos carry everyone along

One awesome feature of video marketing is it carries both the literate and illiterate along. No one is left out when video is involved. Some people learn more by watching videos because videos solve even the hardest puzzles.

People are too occupied to make the time to read five to ten minutes articles when they can just watch videos for two minutes.  Videos save a lot time which enables one to carry out product comparison on four products for a maximum of ten minutes. I love videos because they go straight to the point.

Video marketing lessens the work of live chat agents which helps in saving costs on hiring more agents. Since videos explain all about to product, customers’ questions are automatically answered.

Entrepreneurs who learn how to use video marketing have competitive edge over those who do not because videos attract viewers more than articles attract readers.


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