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When Should You Quit Your Full-Time Job to Start a Business?

This question originally appeared on CoFoundersLab: When should you quit your full time job and start building your business?

Answer from Justin Pickering, CEO of Blaine & Gonzalez


You should quit the minute you realize that you hate your job and don't want it anymore. None of us should do jobs we don't like. Society has brainwashed most people into thinking that they should/have to work for some large corporation, climb the ladder and pay dues until they end up among the cool kids at the cool kid table, i.e. the C-Suite.


If you quit, ideally you have some savings in the bank for all your bills for three to six months (if you are an excellent saver, then a year's worth of money). Once you jump ship, you need to start swimming immediately. This means making sales calls, even if you don't have a product/service lined up right away or your technique is not perfected. You must begin immediately. There’s no time to waste.


This is the sticking point for so many people and the number one reason why most people remain worker bees their whole lives: they sit in their cubes and think to themselves, "When I have the right amount of money, then I'll start my business." Or they say, "When my kids are out of the house, then I'll start." Or, "When I have enough time I'll start. Right now, there's too much going on." The excuses are endless.


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The problem with adults is that we think everything that comes out of our mouths is true. We all like to think that we are right 100% of the time. For example, have you ever asked someone what kind of driver they are? Most times, this person will tell you they’re a good driver and everyone else is a drunk NASCAR driver running over old ladies. The same concept is at play when you ask someone when they’ll quit their job to start a business. Most people believe that the there is some "right," magic moment where everything will fall into place for them.


That right moment is right now. If you’re thinking this, you need to get up from your cube and give your boss two weeks notice. Do you think that's rash? I don't. What I think is rash is staying in your cube day after day, betraying your dreams, minimizing the level of success you have -- financially and creatively -- and limiting the amazing difference you can make in this world.


It’s very slow and safe to do this for a while, but no one on their deathbed has ever wished they spent more time in the office. And they definitely don’t say, "Gee, I wish I spent more time in the office helping someone else's dream and putting money in their pocket instead of my own."


You should jump ship now, start selling your product/service as hard as you can, cut costs in your life and have faith that you will be victorious. In my five tours as a start-up officer, this is the ONLY pathway that I have seen work.


People who try to balance a full-time corporate job end up working themselves into a frenzy. It's actually harder than jumping ship, driving Uber for a while and eating Ramen noodles in a lousy apartment until you get your dream up and running.


Of course, this is all based on my personal experiences. I cannot tell you what to do, just that I’ve been there and seen others experience this dilemma. Good luck in your venture. May your boat find favorable winds.



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