Success Story: Miami Herald Features Founders Who Met on CoFoundersLab

Recently, the Miami Herald’s Technology section featured Caribu, an EdTech startup whose founders met on CoFoundersLab. Read about the promising startup below...


In business school, Alvaro Sabido didn’t waste time putting his education into practice.


At Imperial College in London, Sabido and three co-founders began working on Caribu, an app that allows families to read books, draw, and learn over video chats. Their research told them that no major products were offering integrated video-sharing for children’s content, so they entered their idea in a B-school competition.


Their idea was a hit. The founders would go on to win two competitions while at Imperial College, and they used the winnings to officially launch their product. More wins would soon follow: Caribu entered Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, raised $100,000, and brought on international brands like Mattel.


At this point, though, the team knew it had a difficult decision to make. Business school was ending, and job offers were beckoning for the talented founders. Would they pursue new opportunities, or continue building Caribu?


Ultimately, three of Caribu’s founders left the company, leaving Sabido as the last man standing.


Passionate about the company’s idea, he decided to stay on and relocate to Miami, his hometown.


The only problem was that Sabido couldn’t run the business by himself. He needed a co-founder, and not just any co-founder. Sabido sought someone who could handle the business side of the company’s operations, had a background in education, and was based in Miami.


After exhausting his network, he signed up for CoFoundersLab last year to search for the perfect candidate. There, Sabido searched for his criteria and found Maxeme Tuchman, who had signed up for CoFoundersLab in 2015 when she was running her own EdTech consultancy. With her experience running a business and EdTech expertise, Tuchman immediately stuck out. Sabido messaged her about the innovative EdTech company he was running and the two clicked immediately.


Soon after, Tuchman took over as CEO of Caribu. Like Sabido when he was in business school, Tuchman didn’t waste any time putting her stamp on Caribu. The company recently forged two partnerships to bring educational workbooks and Spanish-language books to the platform and has plans to add literacy products.


Read more on the Miami Herald about how Caribu’s founders met on CoFoundersLab.


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