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8 Steps to Create a Brand Name That Lasts

Finding the perfect name for your startup is an investment in your future. And today’s startups are increasingly anxious...

7 Tips to Help Your Mobile App Succeed

The mobile app industry is growing fast. We've seen a number of app startups like Uber, Whatsapp, and Snapchat get...

How to Create a Business Plan for Any Mobile Startup

A successful mobile app — like any — requires a good business plan. Starting without one is like building a house without a...

4 Features Your Business Website Must Have (and How to Optimize Them)

Today, it no longer takes a team of expensive engineers to build and maintain your website. Whether you're in the process of...

CoFoundersLab Launches Meetups for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Entrepreneurship is the hottest word in Barcelona.

4 Things Co-Founders Need to Know to Split Equity and Avoid Conflict

You have the idea. The founding team is in place. It’s time to execute, but first you have to make a critical calculation:...


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