Mike Volkin, the Bestselling Author Who Found His Tech Co-founder Online

  • We are talking with Michael Volkin, the founder of Crowdsourcia, where companies post projects and get feedback from multiple experts at once. Michael has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, has written 5 books, one best-seller and has built and sold 3 companies. He found his technical co-founder on CoFoundersLab in two weeks, using the entrepreneurial archetype assessment.


Michael Volkin, the Founder of Crowdsourcia

Michael Volkin, the Founder of Crowdsourcia


What was your experience on CoFoundersLab?

I found CoFoundersLab through an accelerator program I was attending, called Patriot Boot Camp, an extension of Techstars. One of my mentors mentioned it in passing, and I wrote it in my notes. After the meeting we had a short lunch break so I went to the site on my phone and immediately signed up for a paid account, ran a search and messaged about ten people.

By the end of lunch I had three messages in my inbox. The next day I had seven returned emails and three scheduled phone calls. I wound up finding my CTO less than two weeks later. The experience I got simply talking to other members was invaluable. They gave me their take on my business model and made fantastic suggestions that opened my eyes to other revenue streams.

Overall, my thoughts on the site were very positive. I was glad to find such a wonderful community of entrepreneurs who generally like to discuss new and exciting business models. The hardest part for me was sticking to my game plan. As I talked to other members about their business plans I almost felt compelled to join them in their ventures too. There are so many neat ideas out there it's hard to stay focused.

I found my CTO through CoFoundersLab by using the personality test. He lives a couple hours away from me so we met halfway. We talked for a couple hours, and in less than a week we met three more times via Skype and decided to do business together.


What is Crowdsourcia, and what are your plans for 2016?

Crowdsourcia brings together multiple pre-vetted experts to collaborate on your projects. The result is a diverse range of perspectives that saves you time and money. But more importantly, you’re able to make the right strategic decisions, faster.

We are going to launch with Pitch Decks first. So the entrepreneur will upload the draft of their investor pitch deck, choose experts in various fields (i.e. marketing, design, copywriting, investors, business analysts, etc.) and collaborate online. In the end, the entrepreneur will be left with a perfectly worded and designed pitch deck.

From there we have plans to expand to video scripts, business and marketing plans, and much more. Our end goal is for the entrepreneur to have access to tons of top notch experts and pay only for the feedback they find valuable. There is no need to write proposals, sign expensive consulting contracts or hunt for the perfect expert. Simply log in, post your project and watch the feedback roll in.



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