Is ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ a Good Motto for Start-Ups?

This question originally appeared on CoFoundersLab: Fake it till you make it?

Answer from Neil Licht, Founder & CEO, HereWeAre


Folks are asking if  "Fake it till you make it" as an acceptable practice or approach that we can -- in good faith -- adopt for our own businesses and professional tasks.


I say never. Here’s why:


  • It’s the biggest breach of trust anyone can ever commit.
  • It’s a recipe for disaster for you, as well as the people who are depending on you to get things done.


Faking it with your business hurts others when…


  • Time frames are important
  • When folks need your "results" and must depend on them as "reliable" so they can go forward with their part of the process or task.

There is no shame in admitting that you can't do something or don't know how to do it.


Instead of lying, try this approach: Admit that you are NOT the right person to "do the task" and offer to help find the person who has skills and experience that’s needed for the job.


Anyone who taps you to do something or work with you will easily see you’re faking something or partially bluffing. When you fail, and you will fail, the negative reputation that you’ve just created for yourself will follow you.


Be honest with yourself and everyone depending on your business or professional responsibilities. Even though it’s tempting, you should NEVER fake it when it comes to gaining respect, success, trust, promotions, clients, colleagues, customers, etc. When it all shakes out, you might find that people do not trust you anymore...


Fake it till you make it? originally appeared on CoFoundersLab — the place to connect, meet, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.



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