How Far Can You Go With WordPress?

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Answer from K. Robbins, Head Moose at Moose WorldWide Digital


You can haul an entire house in a Volkswagen bus if you make a lot of trips, but would you want to?


We've developed plenty of WordPress sites, some of which have more than 100 unique pages.

WordPress is a simple framework, so it’s good for rapid development. It has thousands of plug-ins that allow junior developers to do amazing things. There are several very slick page builders that let non-developers create beautiful pages. You can buy a theme that has all the creative elements you need for $50.


But for all that flexibility, you pay a price. For instance, WP pages are database-heavy. In other words, a single page may require multiple trips to the database. There are some plug-ins that are horribly written, and will make ten or even twenty queries on every page load.


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Sometimes, if you use a page builder, the page will load slower the bigger it gets. If you go plug-in happy, and you don't know what you're doing, you can create a huge mess where the plug-ins are actually waging war with each other under the covers. This can result in a quirky, unstable site.


WordPress is like Windows: it's very popular and a can be an easy target for hackers. And if you don’t apply updates to your site, you run the risk of being a bigger target. So if you want a fast/cheap/easy website, you should use WordPress. But if you want a high-performing, scalable and elegant website at an ORM framework, you should consider Laravel. If you want to land in the middle, look at Drupal.


One more thing to note: there are thousands of fringe CMS systems that are really good. But, you need to ask yourself: if this CMS is on the fringe, will there be a developer to work on it in two years?



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