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How Do You Motivate People Beyond Money?

This question originally appeared on CoFoundersLab: How do you motivate people - beyond money?

Answer from Sergey Sobolev, Technical Project Manager at IPsoft


The key motivation factors for my teams were:

  1. Purpose: the things we do should have value. And not a monetary value, but a meaningful one. Every team should know what they are they doing and why they are doing it. It would be great if this "why" is inspirational enough for people to adopt as their own value.
  1. Relationships: "People are joining a company, but leaving a manager.” You need to build relationships with your reports. And make sure that they are building relationships within a team too. If there is no trust inside a team, things will quickly go south, and productivity and motivation will suffer.
  1. Growth: everyone on your team should have the capability to improve their skills and personal qualities. A few ways for you to help them: Make sure that you give them challenging work. Encourage them to learn new skills from their peers. Introduce professional development programs and training. Help people feel that they are professionals in what they are doing. 

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  1. Influence: create a way for people to affect management decisions. Make this clear and transparent. If you limit the ability of your team members to influence decisions and outcomes, they will likely not be sufficiently motivated to move your company forward. People are more eager to work on projects that are a result of their lobbying and thinking. 
  1. Autonomy: encourage people to take responsibility and authority to make decisions. Help and guide them, but let them decide the right things to do. If you have the "why" part right, your team members will often make much better decisions within their area of responsibility than you can.


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