Introducing CoFoundersLab Mobile - Talent Radar for Founders


How many times have you been to a startup/entrepreneur event and aimlessly wandered around talking to as many people as you can in hopes of randomly running into the right people to build a startup with?  Where do you even start?

Imagine walking into an event like NY Tech Meetup, Startup Weekend, a pitch competition, or any gathering with entrepreneurs in attendance, and knowing exactly who the best people in the room are to launch and grow a business with.


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CoFoundersLab mobile serves as a real-time, location based, talent discovery tool, leveraging the rich dataset from your CoFoundersLab profile. CoFoundersLab mobile recommends the top candidates for you based on role, complementary skills, industry, business stage, and even what personality you’ll mesh with the best.

No longer will you waste precious time filtering for the best people to connect with at networking events.  The perfect person may in fact be sitting right next to you but odds are that you won’t meet and you’ll miss out on a golden opportunity.

Create a free profile on and download the free app.

The app allows you to search key data in member profiles, and see a list of recommended co-founders, advisors, and interns who are physically located at the same event as you.

The app also greatly improves our own CoFoundersLab Matchup events.  

You can use it to favorite people and add notes during the individual introductions.  Moreover, you can better target who to introduce yourself to at the event by drilling down into member profiles, or looking at a list of recommend candidates that are present at the event.  You can update your status with someone and send messages, and all updates sync with the web interface at   

App Highlights:

  • See recommended candidates present at any event based on our proprietary matching algorithm that considers role, skills, industry, personality, if you have a startup or are looking to join one, etc.

  • Drill down into into key information about each candidate in his/her CoFoundersLab profile.  See their strengths, other events they attend, stage of their startup, etc.


  • “Favorite” candidates, automatically saving them to the web interface at

  • Chat feature to immediately chat with people at larger events.

  • Send messages and add notes to track your most promising candidates. Messages are synched with the inbox of the web interface at

  • Newsfeed pulled from Twitter based on customizable keywords (i.e. event/conference hashtag).

  • Push notifications alert you just like text messages.

**Feature coming soon: Not at an event and still want to use the app to browse and connect with potential candidates? Simply turn off “local only” in the Settings, and the app becomes a mobile companion to the web for browsing members regardless of current location.

Our mission at CoFoundersLab is to help entrepreneurs anywhere, in any industry, build stronger teams faster.  The new CoFoundersLab mobile app is a big step forward in helping us realize that vision.  Building strong founding startup teams anywhere has never been easier!  

Remember, you need to first create a free profile on before you can use the app.  The free app is currently only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad). Stay tuned for the Android version.

 Click the button below or search the App Store for “CoFoundersLab.”