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Earthlings, we’re pleased to announce that CoFoundersLab’ s free online matchmaking platform is now available across the globe. Entrepreneurs everywhere can now create an online profile and connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are seeking to be part of a startup. We're also expanding our co-founder matching events outside of the U.S. where we've been hosting these events for more than 3 years in more than 25 cities across the United States. In fact, we’ve already held events in Tel Aviv, Toronto, and Santiago, and just announced Sao Paulo.

Want to bring a CoFoundersLab event to your city?  Let us know!  

Devin Partlow & Stacy Weng launched Kithly after meeting through CoFoundersLab 

CoFoundersLab has helped more than 100 companies find their co-founder.  Many of these companies have been accepted into accelerators and raised investment money. You can see a few examples here.

The CoFoundersLab platform has already had a big impact in the United States in accelerating business formation and supporting both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.  Moreover, we’ve partnered with universities, economic development offices, and other startup ecosystem organizations allowing them to leverage our platform to help their respective communities be more effective and efficient in building founding teams. These partners include TechStars, Harvard University, and Startup Maryland.  You can read more about these and other partners here.  We hope it won't be long before more startup ecosystem players around the world will follow suit and adopt the CoFoundersLab system too. 

Please let us know if you would like to leverage our online platform for your community.