CoFoundersLab Launches Meetups for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Entrepreneurship is the hottest word in Barcelona.

Between 2011 and 2014, the city experienced a 13% increase in new businesses, and today, more than half of the city’s job are considered “knowledge-intensive.”

Because CoFoundersLab is a community of entrepreneurs (and our entire development team is based in Barcelona), we know firsthand how robust (and flourishing) Barcelona’s startup ecosystem is.

Today, CoFoundersLab is very excited to announce that Barcelona will be the next city to host a CoFoundersLab Matchup Event. The timing is perfect, as Barcelona is becoming one of the biggest innovation hubs in Europe, and many of its startups are capturing capital from top-tier VC firms in competitive markets, such as the U.S.


CoFoundersLab hosts over matchups in more than 45 cities globally, and we hold nearly 50 events every year — all led by respected members of local startup communities. We started holding these events in 2011 to accelerate the entrepreneurial match-making process, and they’ve facilitated quite a few successful pairings!

An entrepreneur’s journey from seed to exit can be long and lonely, so having the right people seated in the right seats is critical to maneuvering the company’s optimal direction. Matchup events provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet potential cofounders, advisers, and core team members.

With the above in mind, talent is a critical need for early-stage companies. CoFoundersLab Matchups helps founders make the best matches by connecting them in-person with like-minded individuals.

Barcelona’s Matchup will be taking place at COWORKIDEA, a coworking space located in the heart of Barcelona. Already, we’ve brought on a group of Barcelona’s most dedicated entrepreneurs, and we’re in the process of inviting more. If you’re an entrepreneur or an advisor to startups in Barcelona, we’d love to see you at our matchup event!

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