Tips on Finding the Perfect Technical Co­founder

This is a guest post by Forward Partners.

Finding a technical co­founder is a critical step in the success of a startup. As there are more non-­technical founders than technical co­founders, good “techies” have a lot of choice. Here are some top tips that I have seen make a difference.                    

Have a vision

There is nothing more intoxicating that partnering with someone that has a clear and passionate vision about the future.

Do your customer development

Having a vision without doing your user research and identifying a clear problem will make your life a lot harder in persuading someone to come on board. Read the “The Mom Test” and anything written by Steve Blank, get out of the office and start understanding.

CoFoundersLab COO’s Former Startup Recognized for Founder Institute Award

We welcomed Erick Brimen to the CoFoundersLab family a few months ago as our new COO and VP of Finance.  We acquired Erick’s stealth startup Wonpy, a company that was looking at the same problem of how to better help entrepreneurs find the right co-founders and build stronger core founding teams faster.

Prior to Wonpy, Erick was part of the founding team at ComparaMejor, a comparison website that specializes in financial products and insurance policies.  ComparaMejor is a graduate of the Bogota Founder Institute.  This week, Founder Institute announced it’s 2013 Graduate Awards, and ComparaMejor was awarded the ‘Best in Latin America Award.’  

Starting a Business: Two Brains are Better than One

Ben and Jerry’s, Proctor and Gamble, Robinson’s May, and Hewlett-Packard.  A lot of major companies we all know and love have two names in their titles.  And somehow, that really deepens the product’s value and quality in the consumer’s eyes.  They just sound more legit, right?

When you are scooping that soup ladle into the tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream by the mouthfuls, you can imagine good ol’ Ben and Jerry out in their quaint country farm, milking Bessy the Cow for their next batch of homemade ice cream.

The appeal of two-named companies is that there is a relationship and a history.  Two people with similar visions, coming together to produce an amazing product from scratch.

Announcing an Adviser Matching Partnership with FounderCorps

CoFoundersLab has partnered with FounderCorps, a not-for-profit organization promoting entrepreneurial and economic development in the Greater Washington, DC Region, to help entrepreneurs find the perfect advisers for their startups.

Leveraging’s new Adviser Matching feature, CoFoundersLab 30,000+ entrepreneur members are now able to search for highly-qualified advisers according to an adviser’s expertise, skills, experience, and location.

We’ve Acquired Entrepreneur Networking Service Bizpora

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired London-based startup Bizpora!  

Bizpora co-founders Fred Caballero, Facundo Villaveiran, and Pierre Lacave founded Bizpora in 2012, originally called Startup Stay, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs better connect and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  The site also helped it’s entrepreneur members find accommodation with other entrepreneurs when traveling to, or moving to, a new city, as well as keep tabs on entrepreneurs that were planning to travel to a member’s hometown.  Bizpora went through the Startup Chile program and was also a graduate of the U.K.’s Ignite accelerator.

7 Common Legal Issues Entrepreneurs Face

While a lot of entrepreneurs at least have a basic understanding of the law, most of them fail to think about all of the legal implications of starting a company. In general, a new company should be legally sound from the get-go and one of the best ways to ensure that is to consult with an attorney. A good attorney will be able to properly advise you and tailor their advice to your particular situation. Here are some common legal issues entrepreneurs will face.

Introducing New Features: Status Updates and the Compatibility Score Gauge

CoFoundersLab is constantly evolving to help our entrepreneur users find the perfect co-founders and advisers.  Recently we launched two new features that we think will make your search much, much easier:

Status Updates: You can now provide Status Updates that are broadcast to all the people who Favorited you.  With 140 characters, these new Status Updates are a great way to keep your prospects excited about joining you.  Share any news that demonstrates progress such as product validation, customers, and Matchups you plan to attend.  To broadcast an update, go to Settings > Promote Yourself > Status Updates.  Go ahead and give it a shot!

Check out the new Compatibility Score Gauge that Pro Members see on candidates' profiles!

Check out the new Compatibility Score Gauge that Pro Members see on candidates' profiles!

Compatibility Score Gauge: One of the great benefits of a CoFoundersLab Pro Membership is the Compatibility Score visible on both Pro and non-Pro Members' profiles.  Now, it’s even easier for Pro Members to see how they fit in with other entrepreneurs through our new Compatibility Score Gauge.  Become a Pro Member and see how you mesh with your favorite candidates today!

It Takes a Village to Raise a Startup: Board of Directors versus Advisors versus Mentors

This is a guest post by Danny Boice, the Co-Founder & CTO of Speek - a funded startup that let's users do conference calls with a simple link ( rather than using phone numbers and PINs.


My startup Speek is fixing crappy conference calls for people all over the world.  We recently announced a $5.1 million Series A from the likes of 500 Startups, Edward Norton and a slew of other high profile investors. Our star-studded advisory board consists of Edward, the founders of Nextel, the founders of AddThis and the former Sr. VP, Corporate Development from Sprint.

In talking with younger startup founders I often note that their lines of delineation between founders, board directors, advisors and mentors are often skewed.  I credit a significant portion of Speek’s success thus far with us very effectively building and leveraging a curated and high quality group of advisors and mentors specifically.  In this article I’m going to school you on how we pulled this off and what our derived value is from each respective group.

How I Found a Technical Co-Founder by Learning to Code

This is a guest post by Michael Thomas, the head of inbound marketing at Highfive, a startup backed by Andreessen-Horowitz, Google Ventures and some of the top investors in Silicon Valley.


The majority of successful startups got where they are today because they had an amazing team. There have been a few notable solo founders, like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Pierre Omidyar of eBay, but for the most part great companies are founded by teams. But building that team isn’t always so straightforward. If you are young, like I was when I started my first company, you likely won’t have a large network or know people with complementary skills required to complete a “Golden Triangle.”